Polyurethane Materials


A variety of polyurethane tooling board densities for design and styling, modelling, jigs and fixtures

Polyurethane Tooling Board Manufacturing

Base Materials offer a comprehensive range of polyurethane materials, styling, modelling and tooling boards to meet the various demands of diverse markets, including the aerospace, automotive, foundry, industrial, marine, motorsport, rail and creative industries.

Polyurethane Materials Features & Benefits

  • Superior dimensional stability
  • Smooth strong, resilient product. Easy to work with, producing accurate results
  • Excellent surface finish
  • Available in a range of dimensions and board thicknesses up to 200mm
  • Range of densities available from 80 kg/m³ to 1700 kg/m³

Polyurethane Applications

  • 80 kg/m³ - 450 kg/m³ low density foams for use in design, styling and prototyping projects
  • 650 kg/m³ medium density board for use in concept modelling, vacuum forming and foundry applications
  • 1250 kg/m³ high density tooling board for use in jigs, fixtures, thermoforming, hammer forming and foundry tools

Base Materials has built up many years' expertise and experience in the development of mould and pattern tools. We can help with advice and training on using epoxy tooling board materials to achieve your project goals.


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