Epoxy Materials


We are a leading manufacturer of epoxy tooling materials for a wide range of applications, including high-temperature solutions.

Epoxy Tooling Board

Base Materials provides a wide range of epoxy pattern and tooling materials designed for manufacturing high quality prepreg tools, master models and moulds.

Epoxy Features & Benefits

  • Superior dimensional stability
  • Smooth surface finish, free from porosity
  • High-temperature epoxy provides a consistent level of performance up to a maximum of 190°c
  • Strong, resilient product. Easy to work with, producing accurate results
  • Extremely low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Available in a range of board thicknesses up to 200mm

Epoxy Materials Application

  • Patterns for all forms of carbon fibre mould production
  • Short run direct mould applications for carbon fibre prepreg
  • Direct-to-part manufacturing
  • Vacuum forming and thermoforming
  • Jigs and fixtures with heat requirement

Ancillary Products

To support our epoxy pattern and tooling materials we produce a full range of specially formulated ancillary products that include adhesives, sealers, release agents and repair pastes.

Base Materials has many years' of experience in the development of mould and pattern tools and can assist with advice and training on using epoxy tooling board materials to achieve your project goals.

Contact us for more information about Base Materials' range of epoxy tooling boards.