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Supporting Our Customers

Composite Materials Manufacturer

Base Materials work with our customers to develop technical solutions that meet their requirements. This is underpinned by continual product enhancement and performance, uncompromising quality, and outstanding customer support.


With a desire to drive technology forward, we invest in developing a highly skilled team and continuous research and development; challenging the technical capability of products to continually improve, enhance and provide greater performance and optimise efficiency for our customers.

Base is committed to delivering value and un-compromised quality through all levels of the process; from sourcing raw materials and across each stage of the production process, through to the finished product and its life cycle.

Technical Support

We provide all our customers with:


  • Dedicated technical support on optimum product use and application with all the composite materials that we manufacture.
  • Troubleshooting to identify the desired outcome, at the highest level of performance is achieved
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As a composite materials manufacturer, we aim to create value across the entire manufacturing process and deliver a positive end-user experience for our customers.

Contact us to discuss your requirements.

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